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We can meet the highest standards of image duplication allowing for unlimited design possibilities. Dye sublimation transfers, offer a high level of color vibrancy and permanence. The embedded image will not peel, crack fade or discolor over time. The printed fabric can be folded and stored for reuse without worries of wrinkles as with vinyl. Fabric is lighter in weight, which means lower shipping cost and easy transportation. Sewing crew and metal fabricators avilable, we have the ability to custom design unique display units made out of flexible textiles. We have the ability to put your company to the forefront using this lastest trend in tradeshow and environmental graphics.


  • Images are permanent
    & do not peel or fade
  • Photographic Qualities
  • True Continuous Tones (Unlimited Colours)
  • Durable and Washable
  • Can print any size
  • Cost Effective

    Create beautiful back drops for exhibit shows

  • With flexible fabric, you can conform to any shape for a unique showcase